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Additive manufacturing - 3D Printing - is a modern way to turn design into reality quickly and affordably. Producing parts using this technology is faster and more affordable than using conventional methods, In addition, it provides the ability to produce parts and components previously unproducible.

Here at 3D Steel Labs, we use our own, in-house developed technology that enables us to bring a very competitive service to market. But it doesn't end with 3D Printing - we can take care of your part production from design to fully functional part.

Daniel Všetečka

  • 3D Print

    We will print your 3D model from the selected material

  • 3D Modelling

    We will create a 3D model according to your design or an existing part, which we will then print

  • Component optimization

    We will prepare the 3D model for production by optimizing its shape to increase strength and reduce weight

  • Postprocess

    We will prepare the printed model for immediate use, e.g. by drilling holes, threads or machining contact surfaces


Technical capabilities

  • Component design
  • Component modelling
  • Additive Manufacturing by 3D Printing
  • Optimization for 3D Printing
  • Topological optimization of components
  • Machining of printed parts
  • Batch production
  • Production of functional prototypes

Additive manufacturing process

The process of manufacturing a component consists of three main steps


The first step is the actual printing of the part on a 3D printer with the selected printing material. The print head lays the material in thin layers in space according to the computer model

Washing out the binder

The material consists of metal particles and a binder that allows it to be pushed through the nozzle at elevated temperature and holds it together at room temperature. Before the final sintering, however, the binder must be partially removed in a solvent


The component is finally heated to a high temperature in a special furnace under protective gas, where the metal particles are fused into a single piece


Questions and Answers

We commonly print from 316L or 17-4PH stainless steel, but various copper and titanium alloy options are also in preparation stage
The production time depends on the duration of the print, the size of the model and the utilization of our equipment, but usually 2-4 days
The price depends mainly on the weight of the resulting part and the duration of its print time, the other production steps do not change much for a single order. You can calculate the gross price in our Calculator
We assess the printability of the model for each order separately. Maximum size is 300×300×300mm, the minimum detail size is 0.8mm, after that it depends mainly on on overhanging or oblique elements of the model, for which it is necessary to print supporting structures
Printed metal parts have properties similar to cast parts, but with the right part design, they can achieve a much better weight-to-strength ratio than conventional manufacturing. The surface is rougher and the seating surfaces need to be flattened, holes for screws, for example, are better drilled to the exact dimension
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